3269 Commerce 
Amarillo, Texas 7910
(806) 356 - 0579
Hours: Mon - Fri   7:30am - 5:30pm
Closed for lunch daily from 1:30 - 2:30
Closed Saturday & Sunday

Dog Spa

Our Spa of the Month - Only $5.00 Extra

Our Spa of the Month is a bath package that includes premium quality, luxurious shampoos and conditioners made with natural, organic, botanical ingredients that rejuvenate, revitalize, restore and invigorate the skin and coat finished with a spritz of cologne all in a coordinating scent of the month.

                           Additional Spa Services:

Mud bath ~ Nail Filing ~ Sugar Scrub ~ Teeth Brushing
          Blueberry Facial ~ Advanced Conditioner

       Hydrosurge massaging bath - great for older dogs

We also offer specialty shampoos for dry, damaged, itchy, or oily coats.

* Nail filing and teeth brushing are $5.00 extra
Call us to schedule an appointment!
We consider the individual needs of every dog, and, give each one personal attention.
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