3269 Commerce 
Amarillo, Texas 7910
(806) 356 - 0579
Hours: Mon - Fri   7:30am - 5:30pm
Closed for lunch daily from 1:30 - 2:30
Closed Saturday & Sunday

About Us

Meet the Staff

Maria Juniper - Professional Groomer with us 10 years
Jackie Green - Professional Groomer with us 9 years
Amber Warren - Professional Groomer with us 4 years
Courtney Roberts - Professional Groomer with us 4 years
Ashley Jeane - Professional Groomer new to our staff
Alyson Sams - Professional Derma Tech with us 8 years
Renee Adams - Derma Tech with us 1 year
Emily Fox - Derma Tech new to our staff
Bella Alaniz - Dermatech new to our staff
Tonja Green - Receptionist with us 4 years
Deborah Bunton - Receptionist with us 1 year
Randi Lightfoot  - Receptionist new to our staff

About Charlotte Braddock

Charlotte Braddock, A.KA. the "Big Dog in Charge & Head Dog Washer'" is the owner of Need Us Bark Us  Dog Salon & Spa. She is an award winning, Internationally Certified Master Groomer, and, has been grooming dogs in Amarillo for over 30 years. She and her staff continue their education in dog grooming and handling each year, keeping up with industry standards, practices, and trends. Ask Charlotte what kind of dog is her favorite, and, she will tell you "dogs are like cookies....they are all my favorite!" 
Sassy & Ruth Ellen aka "Roo~Roo" Braddock - 
Roo Roo is in charge of Doggie Protective services. (She has never written any of us a ticket!) Roo has been with us for 11 years and has only called in once. Sassy is our guard dog on duty, ever ready to alert us to an intruder! She is four years old. 
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